John Nicholson’s entire career has been spent in the design, manufacturing and construction industry and his hobby was always sailing. Having sailed throughout the Caribbean islands he found Bequia to be like a magnet, returning to it time and again.

“It has an amazingly special appeal, it’s smaller than most other islands and has a charm all of its own. Wonderful clear blue sea, quiet beaches, great snorkelling and scuba diving along with lovely bars and restaurants and friendly people. The perfect Caribbean Island for me” says John.

in 2008 John found a way to combine his professional experience with his passion for Bequia when he purchased nearly 25 acres of land for development on the south side of the pretty Caribbean island

Since purchasing land in Rocky Bay he has gone onto to build houses including his own home and and in doing so, John has accumulated a wealth of local knowledge, contacts and information.

“Over the years” he says “I have met a number of people who have built what was to have been their dream home, only to be disappointed with some aspects of the final result due to lack of local knowledge.”

Typically, he sees most people choose their land based purely on the view, when there are many other equally important aspects that need to be considered, for example the gradient of the land can be crucial to the design and layout of the house as steep slopes can create many design issues. Seasonal tropical weather conditions, strong trade winds and annual variations in the angle of the sun are also serious factors to be understood and taken into account.

Having designed and built 3 houses to date John has encountered every possible challenge and found the very best solutions at every step. His construction experience together with his intimate knowledge of the land means he can offer unparalleled help and advice. John is available to act as a Consultant if required and can advise on every aspect from purchasing the land, through to local planning controls and procedures, Architectural design and appointing and working with a construction company. His 1st hand experience and in depth knowledge of Rocky Bay and Bequia can help make building your dream home into a stress free reality.

One of the biggest assets of developing land at Rocky Bay is the vast amount of work that has already been done to design and develop properties perfectly suited to the geography and topography of the land. From the things he has learnt developing properties John has gone on to create designs for a range of properties; all of which are not only beautiful but are carefully considered, practical and designed to suit a variety of needs. All the properties offer comfortable luxury, enjoy uninterrupted views and large terraces with infinity pools. Whilst you can create a totally bespoke property from scratch if you desire, these designs are available for two, three and four bedroom houses and can provide a convenient ‘off the shelf’ solution to building and owning a stunning Caribbean home.

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