Buying a Second Home in Bequia

Musing over the idea of having an island home in the tropics is surely familiar to most of us, but how many of us actually turn this dream into a reality? Well, the most popular group to purchase properties in Bequia, and other Caribbean islands, are families where their children have left home and they have made a decision to downsize their UK home to provide the capital to purchase a second property in the warmer climate.

Some spend little time in their new home to start with and, instead of moving there full time, rent out the house to holidaymakers with the longer term objective of making their Caribbean home a permanent one once they retire and tie up any loose ends in their existing residence. After all, such a move is a big and often daunting change, so people frequently decide to make the transition a gradual one. We have also found that many members of the expat community here in Bequia have online based businesses or creative careers which allows them the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

When it comes to buying a second home on an island like Bequia, cost is either the biggest restriction or aspect of the move to consider. Drawing on our experience, we would encourage people to contemplate purchasing a villa on a shared basis with either family or friends. Particularly to those looking to spend a limited amount of time across the year on the island, owning 50% or 33.3% of a villa here and sharing it on a rotation basis is very cost effective alternative. If the property is larger, with two or three bedrooms, group visits to the island are possible and allocated times can overlap.

Plots from Rocky Bay, chiefly those over one acre in size, are ideally suited to this suggestion. One to two bedroom cottages could be built within the grounds with their own private balcony and kitchenette, which is exactly what we have built in our show home. A central area between the private properties could be constructed with a pool, lounge, kitchen and dining area that is shared by each cottage, both an enjoyable and practical situation for all shareholders.

If the idea of a shared plot of land sounds appealing, we are always more than happy to further discuss architectural and design ideas. With an intimate knowledge of the land and having planned and built a range of property designs, all of which are carefully considered and designed to suit a variety of needs, we are able to offer unparalleled help and advice.