The Pros & Cons of Building your own Home

Building your own home means you are getting exactly what you want, something bespoke and specific to your needs which is brand new. It will be maintenance free for a few years and the property will meet your exact requirements in style, size and position. Not only are you guaranteed to meet all the latest building regulations and energy efficiency measurements but your home will be completely unique to you. Your personality and stamp will be throughout the property and you can be as individual as you like. You can have a choice of pool size, colours, kitchen, sanitary ware, floors, windows and storage capacity. It is also much more cost effective as the required Alien License cost of 17.5 % on Bequia only applies to the actual land.

Building your own home takes a considerable amount of time as it’s important to research architects and contractors. You will also need to factor in architect planning and construction timescales. You have lots of options to really personalise your home, but each of these decisions takes time.

In terms of contractors, there are a lot based in Bequia and naturally some are better than others. They need to be researched thoroughly and their quotation read in thorough detail to ensure they have included everything you agreed. You will find that some get so involved with the house design that they overlook additional costly items such as entrance gates and drive, fencing the boundary, landscaping and project management fees. This of course would result in extensive costs at the end for you.

It’s also important to note that there are architects here that have all the local knowledge required to design a villa. It is not wise to employ an architect from the USA or Europe as they are not aware of the real factors need to cater for Caribbean living ie. outside lifestyle, yearly weather conditions, the necessity for shaded areas, water tank constructions and hurricane proof designs.

You can become non-Domicile here but you need to ask an accountant for the latest laws. However, once you are a home owner you can apply for permanent residency.

We have a stunning property, ‘Iguana House’, ready for you to move into here in Rocky Bay Bequia If you would like to create the home of your dreams and design it yourself then no problem – we also have plots of land available too! We are here to help and guide as much as you wish throughout the process.