Flavours of Bequia

Most visitors to the island are pleasantly surprised at how great and varied the food is in Bequia! Almost any food you could dream of is available here, as well as a vast array of unusual and unique tastes and textures that are sure to blow your taste buds away!

Local dishes, as I’m sure you can imagine are fresh, healthy and utterly delicious. Naturally, local fruits and vegetables are grown on the island and, although they are somewhat more expensive than elsewhere, the tastes are exquisite and certainly worth the extra cost. The fish, poultry and red meat is equally fresh and tasty. Local free range beef, pork & chicken are readily available and each day the local fisherman sell their catch on a small stall in the harbour. A wonderfully diverse selection of shell fish is of course available from Lobsters to Conch, both equally fabulous and as popular with the locals and travellers alike. Other local delicacies include Rotis, a traditional West Indian pasty of curried chicken and potato in a wrap that goes splendidly with some local mango chutney.

Another popular destination for food is ‘Dorris’s Fresh Food’, a delicatessen and small super market. The delightful owner is of Indian decent and sells many herbs and spices, imported salami, hams, smoked salmon and much more. You name it and she probably has it! She supplies food and a fantastic range of the finest wines to Mustique and mega yachts across the island.

Foods popular in the UK, USA and other countries are offered on the island, as well as products found in both Waitrose and Tesco. Food like Angus steak, NZ green lip mussels, and the most succulent prawns are all easy to come by. Although some foods, such as mushrooms and garlic are not grown on the island and therefore imported, there truly is an excellent choice of food. What is more, dishes are generally far healthier than that in the UK and USA due to it being so fresh and grown naturally without so many pesticides.